Government and corporation document printing

Types of documents and techniques to protect them

Governments and corporations require high security documents to prevent tampering, alteration and to allow for easy recognition of the genuine item.

Such products include tax documents, financial documents, government bonds, examination / company certificates, fiscal stamps and ballot papers for local and national elections.

The strength of a document is in the combination of security features. If your document contains 5 or more elements of security and other institutions are only using 3 you can be fairly certain that they will be targeted before you. The counterfeiter will always look for the easiest and most cost-effective route. Skimp on budget, you skimp on security.

We're not recommending you have every possible security feature known to man, the cost of production would be prohibitive. What we do recommend is that you need to balance the cost against security. The question you need to ask yourself, as a security printing buyer, is "how much it would it cost to remedy a breach of security?".

Is it going to cost you money, or is it going to cost you in trust?

Finding the balance of security vs budget

If people are aware that their driving licences can be easily compromised, it could easily lose the trust of the government body and your job! This could cause a huge problem that could have been prevented by allocating an extra £0.02 per document for added security.

From our experience, people are very quick to discount (so called) expensive security features that are non-essential until the time comes that illegal copies are being distributed. Only then does the budget increase as you "can't afford the embarrassment again" and increase the security on the second version of you document.

Enough of the lesson, let's get down and dirty with the features that you should be looking for when buying for your company or government department.

You need to make a check list of the different elements that you feel would be suitable for your job. Important considerations need to be made on the following:-

  1. Security Papers or Security Label Stock
  2. Printing technique
  3. Security Inks
  4. Holograms or OVD
  5. Serialisation and numbering
  6. Personalization
  7. Quantity

Once you have chosen the different elements you are ready to contact suppliers for quotations on your work.

You need to understand that low-volume production is usually very expensive (per unit) and it is difficult to get these jobs at reasonable prices due to the amount of set-up involved.

Typically a job that is A4 in size and has about 4 to 6 colours with a quantity over 50,000 units would get reasonable prices. When you go over these quantities you will start to see good savings. When under, expect the unit price to increase dramatically.