Brand Protection and Asset Management

Products used in asset and brand protection environments

Asset management products are used in a variety of applications in order to prevent the copying or counterfeiting of branded products. The can also be used to identify grey market imports and to track and trace products in different geographic environments.

In general, asset protection is applied to the packaging of branded products and is designed to be difficult to replicate using standard printing and copying facilities and equipment. In many circumstances, they provide features that are almost impossible to reproduce easily.

The solutions are usually provided in a format that allows hand or machine application (to compliment existing manufacturing or production facilities).

Products that are available incorporate a wide range of secure technologies such as secure tags and labels that include both OVD's (optically variable devices, such are holograms) and secure print features.

In addition to this, and in most circumstances, variable data is printed and can be provided by the security printer (from your supplied database) - or the labels can be provided on rolls for you to personalize with your own equipment in-house.

To reinforce the printed security, we recommend you look closely into types of label substrates and physical security measures such as security cuts and high-bond adhesives. There are many types of solutions out there and you may find that your supplier may recommend processes that only they can provide.

Quite often a label supplier will have a new product that may fit your needs perfectly so the first step is what is the label or tag being applied to. You can then choose suitable label stocks - from this you can choose a suitable printer to work with it.

If you need ultra-security it is not unknown for multiple security printers to get involved - this gives you the option of adding many different features .. but at a cost!

Applications for these products include automotive parts, pharmaceutical products, branded apparel, cosmetics and entertainment (CD, DVD and Video).